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I am on a pretty strict food budget; I also pray that my family and I will never go hungry, so after so many years of being creative with limited food supplies and money (including a three-pound whole chicken turned into 13 meals for the 5 of us), P-R-A-Y-S became a food and household budget philosophy. It can be anything that keep you in line with your budget. Like PORTION, ROTATE, ANTICIPATE, YELL (from joy of having money left over) and SAVE. Each post will show how this philosophy was broken down with every dish and budgeting I share. So hold on to your wallets and stay tuned!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too Many Veggies?

No problem! Combine them into your own stir-fry! Who says stir-fry has to have baby corn and carrots alone or even the standard broccoli?

In the vein of USING WHAT YOU HAVE, don't forget that WASTE OR WASTING is the worst "cuss" word in the food world. In our fast-paced nature, it is more prevalent to use what's available before the dreaded "gunkies" take over, even in the fridge! Or else, you go broke!

Here's an example:

Two weeks ago, I visited our local Asian market and fell in love with practically all the fresh produce. On top of that, we found some great deal on produce at Wal-Mart! Next thing I know, we were headed to Utah and my fridge is groaning from being invaded by the GREENS!

Bless my fridge, it's one of those newer models and it kept these nutritious beauties fresh! So, since I am not, I repeat, am not a recipe person, I once again decided to experiment!

I found in my freezer the $4 chopped up beef from Wal-Mart that I separated into two PORTIONs. Then I looked at my veggies and found my bokchoy and broccoli. Then I remembered I had some shallots in the dining room fruit holder. But I wanted something crunchy, so I looked and looked until I found some red potatoes underneath my kitchen towels in a deep drawer of my island!

Pretty RESOURCEFUL, huh? I also, ALLOTED the broccoli and bokchoy to be used for another great dish. Then I YANKED my brain into what dish I want out of it. Voila! STIR-FRY!

So, knowing I don't want the typical stir-fry, I didn't use much oil and stirred the chopped meat until they are cooked. I set them aside. Then, I sauteed the sliced medium shallot and quartered potatoes and stirred. I then decided to give it a little sauce so I used 1 tsp. soy sauce and water each. Then I remembered that Mr. Man picked up some of the Panda Orange Sauce from our last Costco trip, so I added a tsp. of that with some garlic powder. I put the lid on and I let the potatoes tenderize from the steam for 7-10 minutes and then I added the meat back in, then the broccoli and bokchoy next. I put the lid on for about 7 minutes on med-low heat then stirred the whole thing until the meat and veggies were covered with the sauce.

I steamed some rice that I always have on hand and had ice water.

How did it taste? My oldest said- "Mommy, this tastes like the teriyaki beef (which she loved) at the Asian restaurant we went to but yours tasted much better."

The next day, my friend came over and we shared the left over and she loved the fact that it wasn't greasy, full of veggies and that the meat wasn't intrusive!

There you go, another proof that "She who PRAYS, eats!" Til next time!

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