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I am on a pretty strict food budget; I also pray that my family and I will never go hungry, so after so many years of being creative with limited food supplies and money (including a three-pound whole chicken turned into 13 meals for the 5 of us), P-R-A-Y-S became a food and household budget philosophy. It can be anything that keep you in line with your budget. Like PORTION, ROTATE, ANTICIPATE, YELL (from joy of having money left over) and SAVE. Each post will show how this philosophy was broken down with every dish and budgeting I share. So hold on to your wallets and stay tuned!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Patience is Vital

Have you ever noticed that when you exhibit self-control, things and situations tend to sort themselves out? That's the reward of patience. My incredibly patient (and hot) husband has been my great teacher and our children have never gone without.

Since I started working back when I was 16, spending my hard-earned money was always a non-issue. Saving it was easy and I just focused on working. While I wasn't a money hoarder, no store can ever claim me as their "favorite and loyal customer" either. LOL

Now that I have a family, patience in stretching any little money we had was definitely a battle I didn't want to lose.

I use PATIENCE in deciding everything, even our needs. I prioritize then purchase. For example, clothes and shoes are not for others' approval, they are for comfort and modesty. It's clearance or nothing. My children are not allowed to have a say in what they wear until they are about 12.

I have RE-TRAINED my thinking to ask two more questions for things that catch my eye. If I cannot find two extra reasons to buy something, I put it back.

I ALWAYS weigh my options. What do I need or want it for in my life?

I only say YES to items or services that provide major impact in our little budget.

I opt for SAVINGS over immediate gratification so most of what we own are FREE or Clearance items.

With a little restraint and ingenuity, I have adapted my food and household budget to what we can afford, to enjoy both what we need and want. I've tried to live like a budget-less gourmet, but always ended up with a pauper's pantry.

Patience has served us well; often only exercising a bit of restraint before finding our "wants" marked down to an incredible deal!

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