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Why This Blog?

I am on a pretty strict food budget; I also pray that my family and I will never go hungry, so after so many years of being creative with limited food supplies and money (including a three-pound whole chicken turned into 13 meals for the 5 of us), P-R-A-Y-S became a food and household budget philosophy. It can be anything that keep you in line with your budget. Like PORTION, ROTATE, ANTICIPATE, YELL (from joy of having money left over) and SAVE. Each post will show how this philosophy was broken down with every dish and budgeting I share. So hold on to your wallets and stay tuned!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kroger Deals- Something FREE

Have you a Kroger grocery store where you are? If so, you are lucky. Why, because they do this "Buy these Get these FREE" promos on a weekly basis.

This week, the deal was Buy a Fajita meat and Caesar Salad kit for $8, get Real bacon bits, a reusable bag, a baguette and croutons for FREE- total $7

So for only $15, I only had to pay $8 and I have a real meal or two to make, but in my case, about three.

-Beef Fajitas and Rice with black beans
-Spaghetti with baguette, Caesar Salad and croutons
-Omelette with bacon bits and spinach

Since I already had all these other ingredients in my pantry and fridge as staples, all these dishes still will just cost me, $8!

PRAYS execution:

PRICE the value of the deal. Will it be a good fit to your normal menu line-up?
ROTATE new purchase with ingredients on hand for the weekly menu.
ASK yourself if this deal can work again. If not, don't get it next time.
YOU should use the new ingredients soon for taste testing with the family.
SET ASIDE the money you saved, put the money in a jar and let those savings rack up!


  1. I do have a Kroger near me! It's actually called Fry's in my area but it's the same thing.

    Thanks for stopping by Nouns and Violets.

  2. Thanks for stopping by as well. Good luck!